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No reboot for 15mins or so, when before it was every 30 seconds. No factory reset, just unplugged it for a few mins, the problem carried on for a while, and now randomly fixed. While Pressing and holding Arrow Up, Press and Hold TV Power Button (on side of TV) and then Release Arrow Up c. Also how often do we get updates as this obviously happens without our knowledge.

I have a hunch it wasn't anything I did, but someone somewhere has fixed it! Has it been mentioned here or I couldn't find it but where are most people experiencing this?

Took ages to get thru to Sony support as a lot of owners are having similar problems. Was having the problems you described above most of the day. Tried calling Sony, and was disconnected three times before I got to talk to a person. My Tv at the time was not connected to the Internet in any way. After switching it back on, the tv would stay on for around 10 seconds then turn back off.My daughter was beside herself about seeing who won. It is only a problem when selecting Guide on any Nein network channels in Melbourne on my 55HX750 & 32HX750 but not on my 32HX755 which has the European version firmware.thread title really should be edited to better represent content. Went through the unplugging and factory reset and it was working fine again.Playing PS3 this morning, and it just started doing it again.

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But the Panasonic recorded it fine and she watched it back. Looked on their website and found this, dated 17/6/13, just yesterday, so it looks like a wide issue affecting the EX650, HX750 and HX850 models. then i tried unplugging my network cable and it looks like it's back to normal as it's stopped blinking. My tv is fine when watching TV / using hdmi, but whenever I view the guide on channel 99 (gem) or navigate to it, the tv freezes then restarts. A similar problem was experienced with the Euro models but was fixed early last year with a firmware upgrade.

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