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People who are offended and grossed out at such images would like them banned.They want men to understand that such behaviors are rude, unacceptable and should simply stop.Any woman who has ever ventured into the world of online dating, or almost any form of modern electronic communication, will tell you that one of their main complaints is that men routinely send them unsolicited pictures of their genitals.Women understandably complain about this for two main reasons: "Men are GROSS" is the most common explanation that women have for this. Do they really think I'm going to magically want to have sex with them now, after seeing their penis?I do think that this is a particular issue in our society, where nudity is sexualized and taboo.I wonder if women have as strong a reaction in societies where intersex nudity is common in bathing and beaches?

In fact, many men are happy to get such pictures, and usually respond in kind. because it offers some confirmation that many men want to receive such pics, and are really hoping their recipient will enjoy it and be turned on.

Many women are genuinely bothered by receiving such pictures and view it as an unwelcome intrusion.

Some feminist writers have described this as a form of sexual assault, and a way in which men assert the dominance of their sexuality over that of women.

She was surprised that overwhelmingly, men loved it, found her boldness both sexy and fun, and wanted to meet her.

So, again, we have evidence that men are sending such pictures because they think others will like them, as much as they do.

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