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If the sheets in the various workbooks are generated from a template, open the new workbook for the consolidated data from that template.Before you begin the consolidation process on the new worksheet, you choose the cell or cell range in this worksheet where the consolidated data is to appear.Sub Consolidate_Data_From_Different_Sheets_Into_Single_Sheet() 'Procedure to Consolidate all sheets in a workbook On Error Go To If Error '1. Add a new Work Sheet and name as 'Consolidate_Data' With Active Workbook Set Dst Sht = . Variables declaration Dim Sht As Worksheet, Dst Sht As Worksheet Dim Lst Row As Long, Lst Col As Long, Dst Row As Long Dim i As Integer, En Range As String Dim Src Rng As Range '2. Delete the Consolidate_Data Work Sheet if it exists Application. When consolidating data, you can select data in sheets in workbooks that you’ve opened in Excel or in sheets in unopened workbooks stored on disk.The cells that you specify for consolidation are referred to as the source area, and the worksheets that contain the source areas are known as the source worksheets.However, even when the data entries are laid out differently in each spreadsheet, Excel can still consolidate them provided that you’ve used the same labels to describe the data entries in their respective worksheets.

VBA to concatenate the data in multiple Worksheets to a newly created Worksheet in the same workbook. Following is the step by step detailed explanation to automate this process using VBA.. The following function will find the last row of the given worksheet. To consolidate all worksheets in the workbook, we have to first create a new worksheet(lets call master sheet) and then loop through each worksheet in the workbook. Range("A1:" & En Range) '5.3: Check whether there are enough rows in the 'Consolidate_Data' Worksheet If Dst Row Src Rng. ‘fn_Last Row’ will accept a worksheet(Sht) as input and give the last row as output. The ranges in all worksheets are concatenated into the consolidated Worksheet(final Worksheet) one after another in rows wise. Enable Screen Updating and Events With Application . Enable Events = True End With End Sub Below are the two user defined functions which we have created to find the last row and last column of the given worksheet. If data is not available in the Source Worksheet(i.e Input Worksheet) , data will not be updated in the consolidated Worksheet. Count Then Msg Box "There are not enough rows to place the data in the Consolidate_Data worksheet." Go To If Error End If '5.4: Copy data to the 'consolidated_data' Work Sheet Src Rng. We have called these functions in the above procedure at step 5.1 and 5.2.

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