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As Camille physically deteriorates she and Silas grow closer, eventually dancing and kissing in the rain.Silas says that while he never believed in anything, Camille believed in him when no one else ever had.When he returns to the scene of the accident he finds Camille up and washing in a nearby river.Over the course of the trip Silas realizes that Camille really did die in the accident as she starts to decay.

Lost in his constant search for a mother he never knew and a father who spent his life as a petty criminal, James Franco as Adam Blande updates the James Dean mythical figure in this ...It cuts away and he is seen again with his shirt completely covered in blood.Cuts away again and his shirt is again mostly white with blood stains, cuts away again and it's completely bloody again.James Franco has a new task on his mile-long to-do list: Get a new girlfriend.The industrious actor, writer, artist and student has parted ways with Ahna O' Reilly, his actress girlfriend of five years.

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