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If you’re hurt in love, it’s your lover’s responsibility to reassure you and help you feel better about the relationship.

#4 You don’t know your lover’s friends and their inside jokes which makes you feel insecure when they’re around. *locks their phone or deletes their messages often* #6 You feel threatened by your lover’s friendship with someone you don’t know well.

#9 Your partner gets furious when you intrude into their private space without their permission. If you’re in a happy relationship that’s built on trust, these 10 reasons for trust issues may seem trivial.

But if you’re insecure, even the smallest of these reasons could send you sulking to the corner of the room.

[Read: 10 easy ways to make your jealous boyfriend not-so-jealous] #1 Open up to your lover.

Your partner may feel insecure in the relationship if they believe you don’t communicate well with them. Talk about your day, the little things you did and the people you interacted with.

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