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Since the inception of the OFVC in 2015, the office has been committed to providing training to DV and IDV judges and their staff to update them on the relevant, applicable law, and on issues such as risk assessment, cultural competency and implicit bias, as well as health and wellness.The 2016 Annual statewide Judicial Symposium on Domestic Violence was held on December 1-2, 2016 at New York Law School.In 2003, Chief Judge Judith Kaye made the implementation of IDV courts a statewide initiative.Judges who sit in DV and IDV courts attend training every year.The sessions included: Offender Accountability – Putting the Principle to Work in a DV/IDV Court; Building on a Trauma Informed Court System and the Use of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences); Custody and Visitation Orders in Domestic Violence Cases; Elder Abuse and Capacity in Domestic Violence Courts; A Different Lens: A Photographer’s View and a Legal Perspective of Domestic Violence; and “Diving into Practice” breakout sessions.In furtherance of the Elder Justice Initiative, the OFVC also held its first Judicial Symposium on the Financial Exploitation of Older Adults on May 1, 2017 at the Judicial Institute in White Plains.Essentially, this exercise gives the participants some insight into the day-to-day reality for women who are the victims of domestic violence.

NYC Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence CARE Program (Creating Awareness about Relationship Equality) New York City Family Justice Centers Sanctuary for Families Sanctuary for Families DVIEP services for NYCHA residents If you live in housing administered by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), you are eligible for services through the Sanctuary for Families Domestic Violence Intervention, Education & Prevention (DVIEP) Program (including victim of domestic violence emergency transfers).In addition, in April 2016, the OFVC produced a program called Firearms and Domestic Violence.This program was recorded and is now readily available for viewing by judges and court personnel.New York State office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention Resources on Teen Dating Violence UCS Domestic Violence Policy Wellspring, DV victim services in Saratoga County Seven Dancers Coalition Domestic Violence and Strangulation Guide Judge Kaplan moderates CLE video: Firearms and Domestic Violence (court users only) Bench Guide - The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction in Cases Involving Allegations of Domestic Abuse | Appendices – A New York Bench Guide for Federal and State Court Judges The Legal Project Legal Services of the Hudson Valley Western State University Law Review, 1999-2000, Essay JUDICIAL RESPONSES TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: THE CASE FOR A PROBLEM SOLVING APPROACH Judith S. Knipps Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Western State University Law Review Association, Inc.; Judith S. Knipps An Argument for a One-Judge/One-Family Approach to Domestic Violence: Lessons Based on New York’s Model By Honorable Judy Harris Kluger and Liberty Aldrich, Esq. More than one-third of 10th-graders (35 percent) have been physically or verbally abused by dating partners, while a similar percentage are perpetrators of such abuse.

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