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So, because of my height and thinness, I did one — count ’em, one — store modeling gig for Macy’s.

I walked down a rickety runway in the juniors department wearing a white dress I hated.

Throughouther career, supermodel and actress Carré Otis hasbeen celebrated for her striking physical beauty—but in this brazenly honestmemoir she revisits the ugliest parts of her past to reveal the events thatultimately brought her to strive for, and champion, the kind of beauty that canonly be found within.

In Beauty Disrupted Carrédetails the triumphs and challenges of her career in modeling, her rise to fameon the covers of Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire, her battle against eating disorders and drug addiction, and herinfamous marriage to Mickey Rourke.

We read with interest her typical childhood in San Francisco; her parents growing estrangement; her dad’s alcoholism; the discover of her dyslexia, which makes her feel even more like an outcast than ever.

She gets into trouble after trouble until she is brutally assaulted in her parent’s bathroom one night when they are out and her older sister has high school friends over for a drinking party.

What was this spiritual practice that took her years to accomplish? I gave this book four stars on Goodreads because I love memoirs, and I appreciated the honesty with which Otis told her tale.

How did Roarke finally let her go after all his insane controlling ways? She now speaks out against the horrific working conditions and abuse in the modeling industry, works with eating disorders groups, and seems to be thriving in her role as wife, mother, author and speaker.

What about Buddhism, other than a strong deja vu feeling, helped her?Beauty Disrupted is her inspiring and personal memoir, a story of difficultlessons learned and inner beauty rediscovered, by a woman famous the worldover—not only for her face but, now, for her fighter’s spirit.As a supermodel, Carré Otis has appeared on the covers of Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, and has worked with many of the world's greatest fashion photographers.At the last second, the lady in charge of the teen fashion show handed me a bunch of daffodils to carry, which made me sneeze.I didn’t know how to hold them so I looked like the Queen of England carrying a scepter.

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